20 Simple Ways to Save Every Day

There are some very simple and practical ways to save money every day that you may not have thought about. With a little planning, you can accomplish adopting a few easy money-savers and reach your goal of a debt-free life. Follow these inexpensive tips to add to your life to watch your savings add up and your debt to go down.

1. Set a budget

Consider your monthly bills and create financial goals. Having a plan will help you focus your spending.

2. Pay with cash

Psychologically, handling cash makes the cost of your purchase tangible in your mind rather than swiping your plastic for an arbitrary number. Collect and save your change, it adds up.

3. Keep track of spending

Review your recent purchases to see what you are spending your money on. Look for expenses that you can eliminate such as canceling that monthly magazine subscription.

4. Wait before spending

Curb impulse buys and stop buying things that you don’t need. Do you really need that trendy banana slicer? And if you do, wait until it is on sale. Wait for a longer period of time for larger purchases, doing your research and weighing your options.

5. Borrow instead of buy

Your local library is not just for borrowing best selling books; you can borrow CDs, DVDs, use the printer, and you may even be able to rent tools. Bonus: Libraries often have discounted museum tickets, free workshops and clubs for all ages.

6. Buy secondhand

Whether it’s your clothes, car, furniture or appliances, there are an abundance of resources to buy used. Search Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, thrift stores, and garage sales.

7. Ditch your coffee shop habit

Another simple way to save money is to make delicious coffee or tea at home. Save over $20 per week.

8. Bring your lunchbox

Cooking meals at home versus buying daily meals or frequently eating out can save you money. Host a potluck and share meals with friends. Make homemade granola bars instead of buying packaged ones.

9. Use public transportation

Or walk, bike, or carpool. Save on fuel and save the environment.

10.  Reduce electricity costs

Switch incandescent light bulbs out for LED bulbs, turn off lights when you leave a room, using a programmable thermostat, plug appliances into power-strips that you can turn off, wash clothes with cold water instead of hot, winterize your home, and put your outside lights on a timer.

11.  Wash your car at home

Break out the soap and sponge! An easy way to save some money.

12.  Cancel your gym membership

Learn exercises that use your body weight for strength training or use common household items for weights. Check out the millions of free yoga and other workout videos on YouTube.

13.  Maintain and service

Such as your car, your pets and yourself! Invest in small costs now to avoid larger repair costs later. Keep your warranty papers. Replace filters, unclog drains. Keep you and your pet healthy and fit by eating vegetables, drinking water, and exercising every day to avoid major health issues down the line.

14.  Stop buying bottled water

Use a refillable water bottle. Installing a filter for your tap water at home is less expensive than buying bottled water every day.

15.  Stream movies at home

Theater tickets plus popcorn and soda could add up to $30 per person, whereas Netflix costs $12.99 monthly, and you don’t even have to get dressed.

16.  Quit smoking

Stop buying heavily taxed cigarettes and maintain your health.

17.  Do it yourself

Teach yourself how to do simple tasks like oil changes, replacing wiper blades, home improvement projects like painting and building, and repairing your clothes yourself by sewing.

18.  Do your own personal grooming

Save on haircuts for yourself or your pets. Personal grooming on your own includes trimming your hair, plucking eyebrows, painting nails, facial hair trimming, or body waxing. Give your pets a bath and a shave yourself.

19.  Ask for discounts

Some companies give discounts for birthdays, students or veterans. A quick google search can sometimes give you coupon codes for stores. Use deal sites such as Groupon.

20.  Re-gift

Some of the best gifts are something sentimental passed down from older generations like a family heirloom. Nothing to re-gift? Make something homemade like muffins, soap, jewelry, or pot a propagated piece of your house plant.

Final Word

Now you can take control of your debt by incorporating a few of our money-saving tips into your day-to-day life. These creative strategies on being frugal really do add up. Soon, your behavior in saving money will change for the better and your bank account will show it.