Strategies for Setting up a Good Study Environment

Whether you have a young child or a rising adult student, a good study environment is vital to success in school. Where they study sets the foundation for good habits. But maybe you are unsure what are the important elements to include in your child’s study area. We can help.

Tips to consider when making your child’s study area

Designate an Area

Whether it be part of your bedroom, a separate office, choose one area and use it solely for your studies. Choose a quiet space where your kid will be able to focus. By dedicating a particular area to their schoolwork, your child will establish great habits around studying and schoolwork.

Clean Up and Minimize

Make certain your child’s “office” is clean and stays that way. Food items, trash, and clutter should be removed and items should be organized. When choosing items to go into the space, choose multi-purpose items that will help the area stay organized and clean. Have items that include storage so your child can put items away. Don’t forget to include a trash can.

Make it Functional

Just like having a clean area for your kid, you’ll want to include the items they will use for their studies. Make sure there are plenty of items they’ll need to study, including paper, notebooks, sticky notes, pens, pencils, etc.

Make it Comfortable

You’ll want to keep comfort in mind when designing your space. Choose attractive items and keep comfort in mind. However, there is a balance. Too much cozy and your child may not stay alert. A desk or table with a comfortable and sturdy chair is usually the best option.

Add Some Life

Nature-inspired accessories and some live or faux plants create a zen study area. Nature is a natural way to provide beauty and comfort in design. And your child’s study area is a place you’ll want to add this as well.


Especially children love personalization. Choose some accessories to make the space their own. Use their names and hobbies and favorite colors to inspire. Photos are also a great way to personalize their space.

Lighting, Smells, and Sounds

Lighting is very important in setting up a google study environment. In addition to some natural light, make sure you have a task light and room lights to enhance the space. The smell also can be a calming way to get work done. Incorporating a candle is a simple way to add light and smell. Play some ambient noise for background interest. Sometimes music can be helpful but sometimes it can be distracting so make sure your child chooses something that works for them.

Avoid Distractions

To have your child focus on studying, it is best not to include distractions. Stay clear of TVs and make sure they are not bringing their smartphone into the space.

Take Breaks

While the space should be great, make sure your kids take breaks and leave the area. They also should try to avoid spending time in the area for things other than studying.