Tips and Tricks for Buying the Best Cowboy Boots

Before you go and purchase those beautiful new cowboy boots, there are a few things you have to know before you start! It’s a process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. When buyers purchase cowboy boots on a whim, they end up with shoes that they can’t wear and enjoy.

Why Should You Choose Your Cowboy Boots Carefully?

1. Comfort

People often assume that their cowboy boots will stretch a half size to a full size larger after they break in, which is not the case. A brand new pair should feel slightly snug but comfortable to walk the moment you put them on because cowboy boots don’t significantly stretch after they’ve been broken in.

Cowboy boots come with Cuban heels that vary in height, and the height that guarantees the most comfort is dependent on what you need to boots for.

Comfortable Cowboy Boots

If you’re wearing cowboy boots purely for riding purposes, a high heel measuring 2 inches will provide the grip and support you need. For those who want cowboy boots that are comfortable to walk around in, the suitable heel measurement would have to be less than 1.5 inches tall.

As a side note, when you’re trying on a pair of cowboy boots, regardless of the heel style and shape, the heel itself should lift ½ inch while you walk. The slippage will decrease the more you wear the boots.

Don’t settle for cowboy shows that lack this slippage feature. Heels that won’t lift will end up pinched after they finally break in, which makes them extremely uncomfortable to walk or ride in.

2. Break In Time

Once you buy cowboy boots that guarantee a comfortable fit, breaking them in is a quick and easy process that can be accomplished in several ways. One way to break them in is if you walk around your home with them on. This allows the cowboy boots to conform to your foot shape before you take them outside.

Breaking in Boots

If you want to quicken the break in time, you can expose warm steam to the cowboy boot’s leather till it becomes soft and pliable to the touch. Once the leather is soft enough, you should put them on and give them a chance to cool down.

During the cooling down process, the leather molds to the shape of your feet and will harden to support your specific foot. You don’t have to walk around in your cowboy boots for a whole day when you break them in by heating up the leather.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Cowboy Boots
Some things to consider:

3. Size

There is no uniform size chart for cowboy boots since each manufacturer uses a foot-shaped mold that is unique to that particular company. Experts recommend referring to the size chart of each cowboy boot manufacturer to find the size that best suits your feet.

Many people run into the issue of finding a boot size from one manufacturer that fits perfectly but can’t use that size as a reference for all cowboy boots.

Cowboy Boots Size

The size differences make it difficult to shop for cowboy boots online, but most companies offer extensive charts that go into detail regarding width measurements, calf measurements, as well as shoe size measurements.

Some even have separate charts that address women’s cowboy boot sizes and men’s cowboy boot sizes since the sizes and shapes of gender specific boots matter.

4. Material

Cowboy boots are primarily made of cowhide, but other animal skins can also be used to serve the same purpose. More expensive cowboy boots will be made with leathers that include snakeskin, alligator, ostrich, caiman, stingray, and even bison.

Different Leather

Since such a large variety of fabrics exist, they all stretch and breathe in distinctive manners, but all have a limit to the length in which they could stretch to.

Ultimately, the leather used to make cowboy boots won’t stretch to more than a half size bigger, which isn’t the case for other riding and hiking boots.

5. Color

One thing all cowboy boots have in common is that it’s a rare sight to see one that is plain and minimalistic in design and color. In fact, there are boot styles available that cater to any taste, so you have a lot of options to choose from.

Classic cowboy boots don’t have one set leather and stitching pattern, so you can choose from various intricate stitching designs to bright dyes, to a wide variety of leather materials that allow you to customize cowboy boots to suit your particular taste.

Cowboy Boots Colors

Traditional colors associated with cowboy boots include neutral tones that range from black to gray to brown. Modern cowboy boots differ from traditional styles since you can find boots that come in almost every color imaginable from neon yellow to dark red.

As a side note, it’s completely normal for some cowboy boots that come with eccentric colors to bleed onto your feet the first couple times you wear them.

6. Design

There are various cowboy boot styles available, and each contains a particular design that allows you to perform specific actions and movements.

  • List Of Cowboy Boot Styles
  • Classic
  • Western Riding
  • Roper
  • Western Work
  • Western Fashion

Classic cowboy boots are iconic shoes that come with heels that measure at least 1.5 inches, and with an overall height of 12 inches. Since this style is the most common, you can use these boots for a large number of things such as saddle riding, dancing, or just for everyday walking.

The second most common cowboy boot style that guarantees an extremely comfortable fit and is best suited for walking purposes would be Roper Cowboy Boots. These boots come with a rounded toe shape as well as a flexible sole, which makes them less stiff to walk around in.

Since Roper boots have heels that measure a maximum of 1.5 inches, they are not ideal for riding on a saddle. Some ropers come with laces that ensure ankle support and balance that come in handy if you want to use your cowboy boots for everyday purposes.

Our Recommendations For Best Cowboy Boots

Keep reading for brief yet in-depth reviews of the best men’s cowboy boots as well as the best women’s cowboy boots available on the footwear market. Below you’ll familiarize yourself with the best cowboy boots brand that will suit your riding boot needs.

Best Mens Cowboy Boots Winner: Ariat Western Cowboy Boot
For those who want a pair of cowboy boots that are functional, stylish, and of high-quality, Ariat is the manufacturer that you should rely on for your riding boot needs.

In fact, Ariat’s mission is to design some of the world’s most technologically innovative riding boots that top equestrian athletes depend on to perform their physical potential.

Ariat Western Cowboy Boot lives up to Ariat’s standard of being a riding boot that professionals could swear by along with being the best cowboy boots for men in particular.