How to Get Your Child to Love to Read

If you would like to know how to get a child to love to read, either at home or in a classroom, we can help. Reading is a wonderful lifelong gift. After all, it is well known that reading improves the development of a child. Additionally, if a child establishes a good reading habit, they will be a lifelong reader.

As a parent or teacher, you may want to encourage a child to read. It may seem like it is difficult to motivate them. Simply put, you cannot make them love it. But there are suggestions we can make that should help you lay the foundation.

Benefits of Reading in Children

You may know that reading is good for children but you may not realize to what extent. For a young reader, books will:

  • develop language skills and vocabulary
  •  improves their ability to listen
  • benefits concentration
  • increases imagination and creativity
  • develops empathy
  • helps to build relationships with others
  • improves knowledge about the world around

Top Ways to Motivate

Carve Out Time Each Day

Just like many things, if you make reading a part of your everyday routine, soon it will become second nature. For a child, make sure you include a daily time for reading. Many times, people use the time prior to bed for reading as a way to relax.

Read Out loud with Them

Make a book something you enjoy together. If you read outloud to your child, they will have a different experience. No matter what age your child is, narrating a book gives life to characters and a deeper understanding and enjoyment. Alternatively, audiobooks offer a great way to mix things up as well.

Lead by Example

Make sure as a grown-up, you make time for yourself to read. By witnessing your reading habits, a child is more likely to imitate.

Book Nook

It is a great idea to designate an area of your home or classroom for a special reading space. Involving your child may be all the encouragement they need. It can be a cozy place to relax with a good book.

Have your Child Choose

Let your child choose what he or she wants to read! Sometimes we have opinions as grown-ups on what we’d like them to read. But, it’s best to keep your opinions to yourself. It’s okay to provide them options but let them read what they want. And, if they want to re-read books, let them. Often through re-reading a book, a child gains a further understanding and connection with the book. 

Book Buddy or Club

Having your child read with a sibling or friend can help improve their fluency and confidence. Seek out opportunities inside and outside school that encourages group reading.

Offer a Variety

Like adults, kids will enjoy a variety of book types. There are many genres to include like biographies, graphic novels,  joke books, cookbooks, trivia books, how-to books. Even look at children’s magazines in an interest that they have.

Opt for Funny

Speaking of genres of books, a comical or witty book can be just what your child needs. A silly book that gets your child laughing is a wonderful motivator.

Final Word

Motivating a child to read is fundamental to creating good reading habits. Reading is a lifelong gift. We hope you will use some or all of our tips to create readers in the children in your lives.