5 Tips For An Affordable Ski Vacation

There’s no denying that ski vacations are some of the best vacations there are, but the costs involved can add up quickly. 

We’ve found a few ways that you can save on costs so you can enjoy a ski vacation more often than you might think, and spend more time enjoying your passion.

Three people on a cable car.

Tip #1: Timing Is Everything

Most people think they have to stick to skiing season exactly, but there’s still quite a lot to enjoy in the off-peak times. To save yourself potentially thousands on a holiday, consider booking just out of the peak season and enjoy a ski resort that’s less busy as well. The earlier you book the better, too, so plan well ahead to save yourself even more.

Tip #2: Go Small

There’s no need to book in at the biggest and best ski resorts in the country, especially when you’re trying to holiday on a budget. With so many great options for resorts in this country and surrounds, you’re better off finding something smaller with a price tag to match. The best part is, the slopes are usually less crowded so you don’t need to fight for the best spot.

Tip #3: Travel With Others

Most people prefer their ski vacation with family, but if you can find even more people to accompany you then you’ll bring the cost right down.

Consider sharing accommodation with a few others to get a discounted rate and book your ski tickets in a group to get considerable discounts. Once you hit the slopes you can easily disband and do your own things and then meet back up again at night to compare your days.

Tip #4: Cook Your Own Meals

One of the biggest costs on any kind of vacation is the food, and when you’re hitting the slopes this couldn’t be truer. Many people reach for snack stands or eating out when they’re spending the day outdoors, but these costs can easily add up to hundreds in a few days.

Cook your own meals at your accommodation and pack along plenty of snacks to keep you satisfied and away from the high snack prices during the day.

Tip #5: Borrow The Big Gear

Unless you’ve already got your own gear sorted, it’s best to borrow the larger items you might not have currently rather than relying on expensive hire shops.  

Ski gear.

Ask friends if they have anything you might find handy or take advantage of great discounts online to get your own. Make a yearly plan to get your skiing gear in order by shopping for affordable brands, so that next time you don’t need to borrow.

Having your own supply of gear is certainly worth the initial investment, provided you choose a quality product.