10 Cool Places in Texas That You Didn’t Know About

Texas is the second-largest state and is well known for its vast landscape and rich history. Texas boasts a fantastic vacation destination with its beaches, rivers, deserts, mountain ranges, and pine-filled forests. We’ve picked some of the coolest places for you to go see in Texas that you may not know about yet!

Jacob’s Well

Have a swim in a Texan spring. Located in Wimberly, Texas, Jacob’s Well is a fully submerged cavern, fed from Cypress Creek. While pretty narrow (about 12 feet), this swimming spot gets pretty deep, around 23 feet before declining down to a depth of about 137 feet. It is fairly cool in temperature with temperatures at about 68 degrees. While you can visit year-round if you want to get in the spring, make sure you visit during the open season.

Hueco Tanks State Park

With three granite mountains, Hueco Tanks State Park is a beauty. In El Paso County, this park is large at 860 acres. Trails date back to the Native Americans. You may spot some drawings on rocks and historic artifacts. It’s also a popular place to bird-watch or even to rock climb and explore.

Shangri La Botanical Gardens and Nature Center

These botanical gardens contain over 300 plants and is a breathtaking oasis. Located in Orange, Texas, this unique place is a great place to bird-watch and enjoy hands-on exhibits. You can also learn how people can live in harmony with nature.

Tiger Creek Wildlife Refuge

This is 150 acres of big lions and tigers! What a unique place to visit and learn about these animals. Take a tour of the rehabilitated animals and support their survival. 

Westcave Preserve

Home to a variety of wildlife, Westcave Preserve preserve is a gorgeous place to visit. You can only visit with a guide though. You can book a 2-hour tour but don’t forget to take your camera. You will want to capture the beauty of this lush preserve! Here you’ll visit canyons, grottos, and at the end venture through an amazing cave. 

City of Marfa

This unique Texan destination of the City of Marfa made our list. It is a small desert city but offers a lot of beauty in the way of art and culture with various exhibitions, films, and concerts. It has been said that Marfa has been reported to have been haunted. Known as “Marfa Lights”, the unexplained spirits, or some have even said UFOs, can be seen in town. 

Goose Island State Park 

Goose Island State Park is home to one of the oldest trees in America! Scientists estimate that the tree is almost 1000 years old! Located in Rockport, Texas, it’s a seaside park where you’ll see stunning views.

Boca Chica Park and Beach

Hidden on the edge of Texas is the Boca Chica Park and Beach, a natural preserve. Enjoy the dune-covered beach, surf or fish. It’s also a great place to hike, camp, and bird-watch. 

Regency Bridge 

Known to many as the “Swinging Bridge” the Regency Bridge is a one-lane suspension bridge over the Colorado River in Texas. It’s said to be the last suspension bridge in operation in Texas. There you’ll find breathtaking views of the Colorado River. 

Galveston Island State Park

Located on Galveston Island, this park has amazing unobstructed views of the beach horizon. Its terrain is flat and almost has no trees making the views wonderful. There are also many trails for hiking and it’s a great place to camp. 

So next time you are in Texas, make sure you go visit some of these unique and natural properties around the Lone Star state.